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KT Couture

Burlesque Bombshell


“...Reminiscent of the bathing beauties and car-shop pinups of the 1950's, KT Couture will steal your heart, and then maybe your wallet.

The latest addition to the Vancouver burlesque sensations "The Starlet Harlots", this Starlet harbours an underground Harlot inside, just waiting to erupt.

She loves driving fast, dancing slow, and being known as "The Sauce". 

Bawdy, campy, burlesque... Sauce, that is...”


The Long and Short:

I’m a Burlesque Bombshell, Pinup Model, and a member of the Vancouver burlesque sensations the Starlet Harlots. 

Somehow you’ve found me here... and this will eventually become my official website!

In the meantime though... please visit me at:

KT Couture

for more photos, info, and upcoming performances.

For any questions and requests for bookings, please send me an email.

Tassels Up, Bitches!